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Conference News and Announcements 

Geoffrey Black, the newly elected General Minister 
and President of the United Church of Christ, is in the 
midst of a ten-conference tour of the whole church, 
with intent to listen to the concerns and priorities of its 
people. He will be with us in the Southeast Conference 
from February 5 through the 7 . Beginning with a 
5:00 potluck dinner at the Pleasant Hill 
Community UCC, TN, on Friday the 5 th , his visit 
will continue with two stops in Atlanta on Saturday, 
the 6 with leaders from the TAP program and others 
from our new church starts. On Sunday Rev. Black 
will bring greetings to Victory Church (UCC) in Stone Mountain, GA, at their 
early service, preach at First Congregational UCC, Atlanta at their 11:00 
service, and then will hold a conference-wide listening session at Central 
Congregational UCC in Atlanta at 2:00 Sunday afternoon. This is an invitation to 
all clergy and lay folk of the Southeast Conference to join us at 2:00 on Sunday, 
February 7 1 " at Central Congregational UCC. We hope you will be with us. 
There will be refreshments and hospitality. 

Southeast Conference Anticipates Staff Changes in January 

The writer of Ecclesiastes notes, "For everything there is a 
season, and a time for every matter under heaven." In the 
life of the Southeast Conference, we are preparing for a 
transition in staffing to prepare us for the next season in 
our life together. Over the first six months of 2010, 
Cameron Trimble, Associate Conference Minister for 
Church Development, will transition into her new 
position as Executive Director of the Center for 
Progressive Renewal. Cameron has been the vision and 
engine that has driven our new church development for 
the last four years. The vision for this Center took shape 
within the Southeast Conference, which will continue as a 
partner in support of it along side of Local Church 
Ministries of the UCC, and Hope for Peace and Justice. 
The Center will be located in the Southeast Conference 
offices, and in addition to equipping the new and renewing 
the Southeast Conference, will continue to generate the new 
the UCC. 

church strategies for 
church strategies for 

Another significant change is that Kathy 
Clark, who has served as Associate Conference 
Minister and Director of the TAP program will 
have a new job description and title. She will 
become Associate Conference Minister for 
Ministry Formation and Leadership 
Development. In that capacity, Kathy will 
continue to direct the TAP Program, but she will 
also have oversight of the process of 
discernment in preparation for ministry of all 
candidates of the Southeast Conference for 
authorized ministry in the UCC. Each of these 
changes reflects the clearer focus of the ministries of the Conference on 
leadership development and the vitality of our congregations. It is our hope that 
these changes will enable those in our pews and pulpits to experience our 
presence in new and more dynamic ways. 

Conference Closed Books January 15* ' and Continues to Offer 


Listen to 

the 2009 

making a difference in 

the UCC. 

Theology Among the People 

Check out our Lay 
Theology Program 
called "TAP", Theology 
Among the People. 
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videos or 

, resources for 

your church? 
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Connection here. 



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or being a part of a 
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Church Development 

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1/20/10 7:49 AM 

Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ - News 

Mission Interpretation Materials to Churches 

The 2009 books for the Southeast Conference were closed on January 15* , and 
all contributions received after have been credited to 2010. A mailing to all 
pastors and church treasurers was sent in mid-December alerting them to this. In 
that mailing, there was a sample of a brochure interpreting OCWM and its uses 
both within the Conference and around the world. This brochure is available by 
emailing Gerri at and letting us know the number of 
copies you need. We also have a brochure interpreting the ministries of the 
Southeast Conference that can be used for member orientation that we will send 
in as many copies as you can use. This can also be ordered through Gerri. 

Southeast Conference Offers UCC History and Polity Class on Line for 
the First Time! 

We are pleased to report that after numerous expressions of interest, the 
Southeast Conference is offering a three-credit seminary class in collaboration 
with Candler School of Theology online beginning on March 6 and ending on May 

8* . While the course is available for credit, it can be audited for $300.00 and 
will fulfill the history and polity requirement for clergy seeking privilege of call, 
ordained ministerial standing, and for Students in Care/Members in 
Discernment. The registration will be available on the Southeast Conference web 
site mid-January, but if you are interested in auditing, contact Tim Downs at before February 15th. The class will be co-taught by Tim 
Downs and Kathy Clark. If you wish to take the course for credit, contact the 
registrar at Candler School of Theology. 

Southeast Conference Partners with LCM and H4P&J to Support the 
Center for Progressive Renewal 

In our last Leaders' Link, we announced the creation of the Center for 
Progressive Renewal, an outgrowth of the ministries of the Southeast 
Conference over the last five years. The Center resulted from our successful New 
Church Leadership Institute held each summer in Atlanta, which was held in 
collaboration with Local Church Ministries of the United Church of Christ. The 
Institute was developed by the Conference staff in collaboration with the staff of 
Local Church Ministries of the UCC. The Center expands the Institute from being 
an annual event into being a year round program for resourcing church 
development starting this January 2010. 

There are several advantages to the creation of such a Center that is affiliated with 
the Local Church Ministries and the United Church of Christ, but also have its 
own identity and structure. The steady and rapid changes that have had an 
impact upon the church and culture call for such an organization built on 
flexibility for quick response to today's challenges. 

As we face the future, the creation of this Center would provide the opportunity 
for the development of a diverse team of practitioners, coaches, and consultants 
for new church development to work with congregations and conferences with a 
particular focus on the Southern region of the United States from the east to the 
west coast. 

With these consultants, several already at work in our conferences, the Center will 
raise up and broaden the leadership core for church development throughout the 
UCC. The creation of this Center will also provide the opportunity for the 
receiving of grants and money from funding sources that would not fund 
denominations. The Center sets up the possibility for increased funding for 
church development. 

Created as a partnership among Local Church Ministries of the UCC, an 
organization named Hope for Peace and Justice, and the Southeast Conference of 
the UCC, we are modeling the kind of collaborative effort that we encourage in 
church development. The Center for Progressive Renewal will work ecumenically 
with our partners in other denominations as well. See and for further 

East Alabama-West Georgia Association Holds Annual Christmas 

The East Alabama- West Georgia Association Christmas Party 
took place at the Red Rooster Restaurant, LaGrange, Georgia, 
on Friday, December 4* . Thirty-three people gathered from 
the Lanett Congregational Christian Church, Sandy 

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1/20/10 7:49 AM 

Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ - News 

Creek UCC, and Oak Grove Christian Church UCC, for 

an evening of good food, entertainment by a trio from United 
Church, LaGrange, and a carol sing. 

Annual Meeting of the Southeast Conference to Be Held June 10-12. 
Circle the Dates! 

We are pleased to announce that the Annual Meeting of the Southeast 
Conference will be hosted by Church of the Savior, UCC, Knoxville, TN, 

June 10-12. We are currently securing confirmations from our keynoters and 
preachers, but we know that this time that the highlights of the meeting will 
include the conclusion of our campaign to expand the ministries of the 
Conference, a celebration of the ministries of Cameron Trimble while she served 
as Associate Conference Minister for Church Development, the vitality of our TAP 
(Theology Among the People) program, and much more! 

Posted on January 20, 2010 

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